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Press Equipment Capabilities

KBA Continent
48-Unit Press

This shaftless semi-commerecial press is designed for a broad range of products such as newspapers, tabloids, magazines and single sheets. Products can be printed either Heat set or Cold set, depending on the needs of the customer. The 48 units are set up as 12 towers which are configured to print a 56 page standard in one run as a single or two section product at 50,000 copies per hour. Each tower is designed to print 4 color process on both sides of the web. The entire press line can also run a 96 page tabloid with 4 color process on all pages. Two of the towers (8-units) are designed for Heat set printing on a variety of coated and super-calendared stocks. The Continent has 3 folders and by using the latest in shaftless technology is capable of running all towers to 1 folder or all folders simultaneously as 3 separate presses.

  • 22" cut off
  • 64 page magazine (8¼" X 10½")
  • Up to 56 Page Standard (22" X 17½")
  • 96 page Tabloid (11" X 17½") 4 color on all
  • Half- or Quarter-folding
  • In-line Gluing
  • In-line Trimming
  • Heat set or Cold set
  • Digital Presetting of all controls

GOSS Urbanite
7-Unit Press

Specifically designed for newspapers and tabloids, Rotary's Urbanite press produces process color at high speed. The Urbanite line is configured to print up to 48 standard pages in one run, glue and trim in-line, and collate and half- or quarter-fold the finished publication.

  • 22¾" cut off
  • Up to 48 Standard (22¾" X 17½") or
  • 96 Tabloid (11-3/8" X 17½") pages
  • Half- or Quarter-folding
  • Straight or Collect folding
  • In-line numbering
  • In-line perforating

DEV Horizon
11-Unit Press

Designed for 4-color tabloid products, Rotary's DEV press produces back-to-back process color for up to sixteen tabloid pages at one time. It's shorter (21½") cut-off results in paper savings, for reduced piece weight and production costs. The DEV press can also fold (including Gatefolds), and glue/trim on-line.

  • 21½" cut-off
  • Cold web back-to-back process color
  • Up to 16 Tabloid back-to-back 4-color pages
  • In-line perforating
  • Half-folding, Quarter-folding and Double-Gatefold capability
  • On-line gluing and trimming
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