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PrePress Equipment Capabilities
Rotary Offset Press offers a full service PrePress department using state of the art, scanning and Computer to Plate technology. The shortest path from original to press ready plates is imperative for efficient dot reproduction.

Working with a computer to plate system requires digitized originals. We are often supplied film and/or paper originals which we Copy Dot scan into digital format to place in our digital workflow.

Copy Dot is the term for reproducing each single dot or line of screened originals. Major advantages of the Copy Dot scanner are a broad range of optical resolutions, perfect registration of film separations and high productivity.

Our Copy Dot scanner is also capable of scanning photos, when necessary we offer color correction, even to customer supplied images, specific for our web presses.

Our Computer to Plate equipment eliminates the need for film output, an extra step where quality can degenerate. By eliminating film, dot gain is minimal and the sharpness of the digital imaging by laser is obvious to the eye.

Rotary Offset Press' digital workflow is efficient in each step from file preparation to viewing paginated forms in our Job Control, before sending to plate.

Rotary Offset Press can assist and instruct you in preparing and submitting files to ensure accuracy and speedy completion of your job by establishing guidelines for all stages of file transfer, preflight, scanning, proofing and plating.

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