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An effective direct mail project relies on a good mailing list. Our custom list services include complete list maintenance, with in-house data entry. Our sophisticated postal qualification software provides required CASS Certification, and we can maximize postage savings with carrier route encoding, merge/purge duplicate elimination and presorting capabilities. To further clean up your data we can provide National Change of Address (NCOA) processing.

The Information Services Department at Rotary Offset Press, working with your sales representative, helps clients determine target markets by analyzing a variety of demographic and lifestyle information. By determining the profile of preferred consumers, Rotary can create a customized list of potential customers within your select geographic market area. This list can then be tailored to specific budget and marketing goals.

Rotary can work with a customer's graphic designer or an independent designer to assist in effective and creative marketing approaches.

Customer lists are securely maintained at Rotary, substantially reducing the turnaround time required for subsequent mailings. Proprietary databases are protected by security protocols, so there is no risk of loss or disclosure.

Rotary owns over 1 Million fully US Postal Service qualified walk-sequence addresses for the Seattle Metro Area. In addition we can provide nationwide resident lists for our customers. Rotary provides mailing lists in a variety of media designed to compliment our extensive, automated mailing operation.


Did you know over 80% of all data have some type of spatial element to it? Whether it be an address, Zip Code, CRRT, Census track number, or even a LAT/Long coordinates, our IS department has specialized knowledge and experience on how to squeeze every last bit of spatial data from your customer lists. Together with our expertise and our Geographic Information System, we can show you how beneficial spatially enabling your data can be. For example, you may want to see a map of King County, WA, with all Zip Codes shaded based on average income. Or you may want to see all your customers within a three-mile radius of store #123, who have a home value of $200K+, no kids and interested in fishing, age 65+.

Rotary can physically locate and mark specific addresses on an electronic map to help you better understand the relationship between you and your customers. With your customer profile, our demographic data and postal lists, we can custom tailor a list to your specific geographic location and target market. The possibilities are truly endless. We have data layers for may different types of features, including: roads, highways, rivers, water front, School district boundaries, Congressional Districts, Zip Codes, Carrier Routes, Waterfront property, even down to the Census Block level or Zip Plus 4 segment face. We can provide maps of most areas, based on many different boundaries (physical or logical), and can depict your spatial data on a map using several different variables within your data, with such themes as Dot Density, Graduated Symbols, Thematic shading, Continuous thematic shading, Relief shading and Fill Patterns. We can output your map to various media types. Paper, Gloss and transparency from 8 " x 11" to 36" x 60", Offset Proofing material to 18" x 29", even electronic output to disk for use in popular graphics programs.

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